Lemongrass Oil

Botanical Name
Common Name
Extraction Method
Plant Part Used
Colour & Odour
Blends Well With
Cymbopogon flexuosus
Lemon grass oil, Lemongrass essential oil
Steam Distillation
Fresh or partly dried leaves
Pale yellow to yellow liquid with lemony, green, citral, floral and citrus-like odor
Pine, Thyme, Lavender, Rosemary, Marjoram, Cedarwood and Lemon


Lemongrass is native to tropical regions such as Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Oceania and is one among the most popular essential oils used today for its effectiveness, health benefits, and a wide variety of applications. Lemongrass is one of approximately 55 other species of grasses in the Poaceae family of grasses. Of these multiple varieties, the two most popular ones are Cymbopogon citratus (West Indian Lemongrass) and Cymbopogon flexuosus (East Indian Lemongrass).Though both can be used to produce essential oils, the former is largely used for culinary purposes, whereas the latter is highly valued for its use in essential oils and perfumes.

 Constituents & Specifications

Lemongrass oil has various compounds such as Myrcene, Citral, Citronellal, Geranyl Acetate, Nerol, Geraniol, and Limonene. Citral is the major constituent that typically accounts for more than 70% of the composition.
Specific Gravity
Refractive Index
0.8850 - 0.9040 @ 25°C
1.4790 - 1.4890 @ 25°C
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As illustrated, Lemongrass Essential Oil is reputed to have many therapeutic properties. The following highlights its many benefits and the kinds of activity it is believed to show:


  • COSMETIC: Anti-microbial, Astringent, Deodorant, Tonic.

  • ODOROUS: Anti-depressant, Anti-microbial, Anti-pyretic, Bactericidal, Sedative, Tonic, Nervine, Febrifuge.

  • MEDICINAL: Analgesic, Anti-microbial, Anti-pyretic, Anti-septic, Astringent, Bactericidal, Carminative, Deodorant, Sedative, Tonic, Nervine, Diuretic, Febrifuge, Fungicidal

 Benefits & Uses


  • It is believed to strengthen the mind by relieving anxiety and boosting self-esteem, confidence, and hope.

  • Its sedative effect on the mind relieves tension and promotes the sensation of being calm.

  • Cosmetic:

  • Lemongrass Oil can eliminate or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria due to its Citral content, which is known to have anti-microbial properties

  • Lemongrass Oil can reduce inflammation due to its Limonene content, and it can slow down the flow of blood by contracting blood vessels.

  • When used in shampoos, it is believed to prevent hair loss.  


  • Lemongrass Essential Oil’s analgesic properties have been found to relieve muscle and joint pains caused by overexertion of muscles through exercise

  • It is known to boost energy and to reduce fever as well as headaches caused by viral infections such as the flu.

  • It acts as an antiseptic, making it a beneficial ingredient in lotions and creams that prevent wounds from becoming infected. 

  • By alleviating abdominal pain, it can relieve stomach aches and ease spasms in the digestive tract.

  • It works as a detoxifying agent by increasing perspiration, thus promoting the expulsion of bodily toxins through sweating.


  Perfumery & Others:

  • Lemongrass makes an effective, inexpensive, eco-friendly and long-lasting deodorant by curbing perspiration.

  • It is extensively used in insect repellents, room sprays, soaps and detergents

 Packaging Details

Bulk Packaging:
Alumunium Bottles - 5 Litre, 10 Litre, 25 Litre
HDPE Carboy - 5 Litre, 10 Litre, 25 Litre, 210 Litre
G.I.Drums - 25 Litre, 200 Litre
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