Our Story

We are a team of professionals spread across geographies coming together with a common objective. Hailing from a community that has traditionally embraced natural products to improve the overall well-being of human lives for ages, our deep roots are intimately connected with nature and the science behind it.


We strongly believe that nature has potential solutions to resolve the health and lifestyle challenges posed on society today and enable people to achieve optimal health and well-being.


With these core values as the foundation, NRICH BOTANICALS was established with the vision of enabling a better world that’s closest to nature by providing the finest and the purest possible form of natural products and extracts in the most sustainable way. 


What we do

We are a manufacturer, exporter, and bulk supplier of natural products and extracts catering to the increasing demand from the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food & flavor, cosmetics, perfumery, and aromatherapy industries across the globe. Our products include cold-pressed oils, essential oils, standardized natural extracts, and organic spices, herbs & other products that can be customized to market requirements.

With a commitment to provide the highest quality of natural products in the market, our processes are built on top of well-recognized industry practices and infrastructure that is required to preserve the potency and purity of the products. And with our core team spread across multiple countries including USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, UAE & Singapore, we are able to better understand the market landscape and provide bespoke products tailored to different groups of customers.


Backed by a strong team of well qualified and trained personnel, industry SMEs and with our rapidly expanding partner network, we are equipped enough to serve a bigger customer base and make strides across the globe through our products.

Why choose us

Complete control over the entire value chain

We always strive to have complete control over the entire value chain of our products right from farming until the final product is shipped to the customer and this has enabled us to provide better value and differentiate ourselves in the market. We are very particular about 'what' goes into each stage of the process and 'how' it is done which helps us to ensure consistency in our products and compete with industry standards.

Raw materials are sourced from our contract farms or directly from farmers in our network or community

Processed at our manufacturing facility or our partner's manufacturing facility complying with our standards

Products are checked for requisite quality at our in-house testing facility

Products complying to our requirements are packaged as per customer's requirement & shipped

We also get our products tested at internationally accredited labs for further validation

Access to high quality raw materials

We have almost 50 acres of land under contract farming with a significant portion of them involved in organic farming. Additionally, our location (Tamilnadu, South India) gives us the strategic advantage of easy access to raw materials including exotic spices and herbs. We source our materials directly from a selected group of farmers in our network or farmer communities and adhere to fair trading practices.

Competitive Pricing & Timely Delivery

When it comes to natural and pure extracts, it’s very expensive to produce and many others end up using cheap alternatives to cut down costs. Rather, our processes are designed keeping lean principles in mind and we leverage well-standardized techniques to achieve maximum efficiency with minimal use of resources. This has enabled us to provide a significant cost advantage to our customers without compromising on the quality as well as adhere to committed delivery timelines.

Commitment to Quality Standards

Quality is the most talked-about attribute by everyone in the market but realistically it requires very complex systems to achieve that state. For us, it’s inculcated in our DNA that it always stays at the top of our processes. Requisite quality checks are performed at each and every stage of the product life cycle. We leverage our in-house testing facility as well as globally accredited testing labs to ensure that our products are compliant with the highest standards of quality and potency