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Who we are

Nrich Botanicals is a manufacturer, exporter, and bulk supplier of natural products and extracts catering to the increasing demand from the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food & flavour, cosmetics, perfumery, and aromatherapy industries across the globe. With a commitment to provide the highest quality of natural products in the market, our processes are built on top of well-recognized industry practices and infrastructure that is required to preserve the potency and purity of the products. Our team is located across mulitple countries including USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, UAE & Singapore.

Our Product Range

Bottled Olive Oil
Cold Pressed Oils
Essential Oils
Curcumin 95%
ginger oil.jpg
Spice Oils 
Organic Spices, Herbs & Plant Powders

Our Key Differentiators

Green Leaves

Complete control over the entire value chain

We have complete control right from the farming until the final product is shipped to the customer


Access to high quality raw materials

We are strategically located in South India and have more than 50 acres of land under contract farming 


Competitive Pricing and Timely delivery

Our processed are designed following lean principles in mind allowing us to minimize resource wastage


Commitment to highest standards of Product Quality

We perform stringent quality checks across each every stage of the product lifecycle

Fair Trading

At Nrich Botanicals, we always ensure to provide a fair price and required support wherever possible to all farmers and partners alike who are engaged with us

Our Memberships & Credentials